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7 Row Silicon Cushion Brush  #1070 / 9 Row  Silicon Cushion Brush  #1071
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Usage: General all-purpose, styling, straightening
Type of Hair: All types
Length of Hair: Short to medium
Classic styling brushes also referred to as a “Denman Brush”, have a half-rounded head. This style is referred to as a half-round brush because the head of the brush has a silicone base, slightly rounded shape to create a slight bend in the hair. The teeth are close together creating more tension than a vent brush, and the rubber mat helps to eliminate static and frizz. You get much more control and a more polished finish with this brush. The classic styling brush is the tool of choice when creating smooth, sleek, precise hairstyles. With the added benefits of silicone:
  • Heat-resistant
  • Static-free
  • Ozone & UV-tolerant



Vent Brush, Black #1073

  • Ideal for Creating Volume & Movement
  • Soft & Flexible Ball - Tipped Pins
  • Single-Piece Molding Designed to Avoid Trapping Dirt & Debris


Large Paddle Brush, Rubberised #1074

Usage: General all-purpose, styling, detangling
Type of Hair: All types
Length of Hair: Medium to long
A paddle brush has a wide base and the teeth are flexible due to the air filled cushion. The wide base gives more exposure to the dryer for longer lengths and the flexible teeth help gently work through the hair reducing breakage. 
The paddle brush has many uses. It can give both, a finished look or at the end of the day brush out wave and curl to detangle the hair.

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