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Formulated for normal, medium-textured, non-resistant hair, Motions Regular Hair Relaxer conditions as it relaxes.

No-base formulation contains cationic conditioners that lock onto each hair to protect and hydrate throughout the relaxer process.
Leaves hair looking smooth, silky and luxurious.


Step 1 - Application & Relaxation: Apply protective creme to nape and skin area. Part hair into 4 sections. Wearing protective gloves, start application at the nape area by applying relaxer creme close to the scalp but not onto the scalp. Continue in thin sections, moving in the direction of the forehead. Upon reaching the forehead, repeat the procedure on the other half of the head, applying the relaxer to the hairline last. After application is complete, begin smoothing in the nape area where the relaxer was first applied. Smooth hair several strokes and continue to the next section in same pattern as the relaxer was applied. Repeat the procedure until the hair is relaxed.

(Warning: If patron has any discomfort or stinging sensations during the allocated time, rinse off the relaxer immediately.)

Step 2 – Rinse: When desired relaxation has been obtained, rinse hair thoroughly with a strong force of warm water until the hair is free of all traces of the relaxer.

Step 3 – Condition: Apply Motions® Moisture Plus™ Conditioner for 10 minutes and rinse.

Step 4 – Neutralize: Keep hair in straight form. Do not manipulate the hair during shampooing. Use Motions® Classic Neutralizing Shampoo. Shampoo twice, rinsing well after each. Blot the excess water from the hair.


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